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Bringing indoor living to outdoor spaces

I have seen so many beautifully decorated homes in my career and I am always in awe of how people are able to really bring their personality into their decorating. I aspire to do this with every one of my clients because their home is such a great expression of how they are and how they live. However many people don’t realize that their outdoor space is an extension of that personality and living space.  This summer, why not focus on creating a real outdoor living space that you can enjoy for the next couple of months?

Choosing your outdoor décor

How do you bring the warmth of the indoors to the outdoors?

Have a look around your home and try to determine what sort of mood and personality you have created. Is it bold and eye-catching? Soft and cozy? Modern or traditional? Once you determine what that the design is communicating, make sure you continue with that theme throughout the rest of your space.

Now that you know what style of décor you’d like to follow, the next step is to When determine what pieces would suit your exterior space. There are many wonderful choices available from economically to outrageously priced so it’s good to set a budget, as you would do with any re-design or renovation. Once you’ve selected a few pieces it’s time to ask yourself if they how well they would fit in with your interior décor if you were to bring them indoors. Would they blend in or feel like a mish mash of design, style, colour and finish? If the answer is no, you’ll have to continue the search.

It takes time to find the perfect pieces to compliment a space and there are a few things you’ll have to consider that you never had to with your indoor furniture. Unlike the inside, this furniture will be exposed to the elements – rain, wind and sun. You’ll want to ensure that the fabric is made to withstand fading from sun, wind and rain.

Accents & Greens

Accents like plants and planters are very important to your outdoor décor. They are a wonderful compliment to your chosen style so make sure you choose colours that are complimentary to both the exterior and interior of your home.  Not only are the colours are great accent, the different heights will add contrast with both vertical and horizontal lines which is very pleasing for the eye. Potted small trees and topiaries are also a beautiful addition to any deck or patio. Plants are also a great way to create a living ‘fence’ if you crave a little privacy.

If you want to add a little more pizazz to your outdoor décor, why not add some accent pieces like a barometer, sundial, small statue, a peaceful garden fountain or unique planter that really speak to your décor and garden theme?

If you’ve decided to create an entire patio space, consider different types of flooring that are available for outdoor living such as stone, treated wood, composite or brick. This will allow you to plan for the colour of the patio stones for example, so you can coordinate with the exterior of your home.  Once your floor is laid, you might want to look for a beautiful outdoor area rug that will act as the focal point of your patio or deck.

Creating a unique and stylish outdoor space will entice you to enjoy more time appreciating the long, hot days of summer in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It’s a great place to unwind, enjoy some family time or just create some peace and solitude for you. It’s also a beautiful addition to your home and gives you more opportunity to show off your homes personality and your own flare for furniture and flora!

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