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Fashion to enhance the curb appeal of your home

My home is 38 years old and when we moved in, I saw it’s great potential both inside and out. The outside of your home should represent who you are just as your furniture; colours and choice of art are an extension of your personality. The outside curb appeal should be enjoyable to view for all who pass by. I get real pleasure when people compliment me on my home. Last summer I was even asked to participate in the 2012 Quinte Garden Show. Curb appeal has always been another love of mine and it’s important to remember that outdoor fashions for your home are just as important as indoor fashions.

Three years ago I decided it was time for a new door for my entranceway. This is a particularly important decision as it can really impact the curb appeal of your home – for better or for worse.  Each door has a unique structure so when it comes to selecting the right door for your entranceway, it’s important to consider:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Caming
  • Glass type

I did all my homework, collected numerous books containing beautiful pictures of doors and checked out different manufacturers. I finally made a decision on a door that absolutely suited my home. Not only was I extremely excited when I made the purchase but I was even more excited to see it installed! My research and design choices had paid off! I have received many compliments from neighbours and people who pass by.

About three days after the door was installed, a neighbor brought the contractor across the street. She pointed at my door and told him she wanted the exact same door. Just like that! Another couple down the street stopped their car, took photos and brought their contractor back with them. Both ended up purchasing the same door and it was not an inexpensive door. Prior to their purchase I had never seen it on any home in the city of Belleville and it felt unique and special. Not anymore. Now it felt like a Builders special.


I supposed I could look at the situation as a compliment to my taste. However, if these people had hired me to pick out a door that suited their house, I would not have chosen this particular door.  The shape and lines definitely don’t work for the one neighbour across the street that had a Spanish styled, curved entranceway. Instead of choosing a door with a more lineal appearance, she would have been better off to choose a door with rod iron curves. The door doesn’t suit the personality or the structure of the house. Remember, windows and doors are very important and pricey decisions so you want to get it right the first time. Time and thought are critical when choosing these statement items.

Please feel free to contact me for a consultation. This consultation could save you a big surprise and a big disappointment in the long run. Remember: Fashion in décor works outside of your home as well as inside.

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